The Liu Group aims to advance the next-generation optoelectronic materials for applications in energy, sensing, and information technologies. We focus on developing high-throughput methods to create novel semiconducting materials and transform them into electronic devices. Using cutting-edge spectroscopies, we explore the electronic and optical properties of materials and heterogeneous interfaces established within devices, and leverage these insights to enable novel device concepts and push device performance to the limit.


Materials Discovery

Creating new materials that exhibit electronic properties programmed at the nanoscale



Elucidating ultrafast electronic and structural dynamics in emerging semiconductors


Optoelectronic Devices

Building cheap, clean, and efficient optoelectronics for energy, sensing, and beyond

We are HIRING! Come and join us to advance the next generation of optoelectronic materials and devices.


October 20, 2021

Read more about current opening positions for PhD students, postdocs, and visiting scholars.

The Group Website goes live!

October 20, 2021

Welcome to the Liu Group website!

Mengxia will join the Department of Electrical Engineering at Yale University starting Jan 2022!


September 10, 2021

Read more: New Ladder Faculty and Professors (2021-22)